Citi Field, NY | April 3, 2020

Be a Leader The Spartan Way

Does your team operate with integrity?

Is it possible to teach resiliency for your team to perform better?

Did your team engage in activity outside the office in the last month?

How do you deal with future uncertainty?

Can delaying gratification improve optimal success in a company?

How do you and your team maximize time in the business of messaging and technology?

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Why settle for average when you can join the elite on a mission like no other. There are thousands of team building events, summits, client entertainment venues, none of which can train your team to be a leader in resiliency like SpartanX.


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Citi Field, NY 2020 - SpartanX Leadership

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Inspiring Humans

Charlie Engle

Ultra-endurance Athlete, Writer, Motivational Speaker

Kressa Peterson

Season 10 Shark Tank Shower Toga Inventor, Breast Cancer Survivor, Speaker

Benjamin Hardy, PhD

Professional Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker

SXL Moderator

Raul Villacis

Entrepreneur, Investor and Mentor

Raul Villacis is an entrepreneur, investor and mentor. He began his journey as an entrepreneur at the age of 23 when he started his own real estate company. By the time he was 30, his real estate company had become the largest latino-owned real estate investment firm in Connecticut. He showed resilience and tenacity during the 2008 recession by investing in the distressed asset market.

His success in business led to him to reflect on his greater purpose. He travelled the world studying with meditation gurus and self-improvement coaches, eventually distilling what he learned into a system he calls “The EDGE.” This became the basis for his coaching company, The Next Level Experience, an organization designed to help successful entrepreneurs and CEOs find clarity and achieve balance in their personal and professional lives. His bootcamp-style training gives men the opportunity to rediscover the Edge they once had.

In addition to his work with The Next Level Experience and other businesses, he’s passionate about helping the next generation of entrepreneurs find their message. He has shared the stage many times with his son, Alejandro and daughter, Abigail, to inspire parents and kids to take the risk and find their purpose. He also the co-host, along with his wife, Vivian, of the God, Money and Sex Podcast, where they share their experience of being entrepreneurs and married for 20+ years.

Citi Field

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